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Discover the real cause of learning problems.

Every day, LearningRx's targeted brain-training programs help kids, career adults, seniors and even Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients strengthen the cognitive skills that determine how well they learn, read, remember, and think. Taking this free 5-minute survey is a great first step to understanding the reason you or someone you love is struggling. It's also the first step to discovering what you can do about it.

If you are ready to get answers now, give us a call at 886-679-1569. Otherwise, start taking our short survey now:

Please rate all of the following statements as they pertain to you or your child. Be careful not to over-think your answers - answer each question with your first, instinctive response. Compared to others of the same age and gender, this behavior occurs:
Has difficulty maintaining attention
Takes a long time to complete tasks
Poor reading comprehension
Often asks to have things repeated
Poor sense of direction/map reading skills
Has difficulty understanding stories or jokes
Has difficulty organizing activities
Generally does things slowly
Makes spelling errors in written assignments
Has difficulty recalling stories and jokes
Jigsaw puzzles are difficult or avoided
Thoughts and materials are poorly organized
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